Winter Fire Hydrant Thawing and Summer Safety Tips from Plumbing Contractors in Fremont, NE

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Fire hydrants serve an essential purpose in any area. It is critical that firefighters and emergency responders be able to access a reliable source of water in any area at any moment. These fire hydrants are everywhere, but you might not realize just how challenging it can be to ensure that they will be able to effectively serve their purpose.

In the wintertime, freezing conditions make it challenging, if not impossible, for firefighters to get water from a hydrant. The summer poses a different challenge to people who live near a fire hydrant. When the weather gets hot, many people open their fire hydrants to create a sort of sprinkler. Although this is done with permission from the local fire department, it can still pose a threat to homeowners who may experience problems with water damage and flooding and require a call to plumbing contractors in Fremont, NE.

Winter fire hydrant thawing

During an emergency, firefighters must find the quickest and most effective method for thawing out a frozen hydrant. Although it might seem like the best way to melt away ice would be by exposing it to a flame from a torch, this is not considered to be a good method. When an extreme source of heat is introduced to a frozen hydrant, it may cause water inside the hydrant to be converted into steam, which causes pressure to build and may result in injury or damage when the hydrant is opened.

Thankfully, there is a safe and effective method for thawing out icy hydrants. Using a steamer box or other implement, a hydrant can be thawed using steam. Since the source of heat is steam rather than a direct flame, ice is melted without the hydrant being heated to extreme temperatures. Regardless of how a hydrant is thawed out, though, it’s important for maintenance to be done to ensure that all of the components of the hydrant are still in good condition and fully operational.

Summer hydrant safety

During the summer, you don’t have to worry about freezing hydrants, but you do have to keep a watchful eye on open hydrants that may cause flooding. This is especially important for people living near a hydrant who have a lower level or basement in their home. You should inspect the perimeter of your home to see if any water is making its way to your foundation. You should also do an interior inspection of your home and look for leaks or signs of mold or mildew growth. It’s important that you contact plumbing contractors in Fremont, NE if you notice leaking in your home, since this may be attributed to plumbing and pipe damage.

Reach out to your plumbing contractors in Fremont, NE

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