Five Common Summer Plumbing Issues

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Summer is here, and so the fun begins! But is your home’s plumbing ready? Here are five of the most common issues plumbing contractors in Fremont, NE get called out to handle every summer.

Clogged toilets

Your home’s toilets are going to get an extra workout this summer, especially if you have children home on summer break. To avoid nasty and potentially damaging toilet clogs, teach your kids to not use too much toilet paper in one visit to the bathroom. Kids should also learn what can and cannot be flushed down the toilet. For instance, remind them that only toilet paper and human waste are okay to flush, while items like paper towels, tissues, garbage and toys are not. Regardless, clogs will still happen. Keep a plunger in the bathroom to clear light clogs; call a plumber for stubborn clogs.

Sewer backups

Sewer and septic backups are the worst, and they are more likely to occur in areas that get frequent summer storms and rain showers. When there’s a significant amount of rain on the ground, it will have nowhere to go but into sewer pipes through cracks. The sewer line may back up. Backups can also happen if tree roots invade pipes and crack them. Signs of an impending sewer line backup include toilet water backing up into the tub drain, and water in toilets and drains rising and/or not flushing or draining.

Washing machine hiccups

If you have kids home on summer break or back from college for the summer, then your washing machine, much like your toilets, will be used more regularly. Because of outdoor play, days at the beach or extra time in the pool, there’ll be more dirty laundry loads to wash than normal, which puts extra stress on your washer. To reduce the chances of a breakdown, don’t cram too much clothing into the machine, and avoid washing too many loads all in a row. This can lead to motor burnout or drum damage.

Clogged garbage disposal

Planning barbecues this summer? Remember to dispose of greasy foods the right way. Contrary to the name, garbage disposals are not for “garbage”—they’re for pulverizing already tiny food particles so they flush away more easily. Putting everything and anything down the disposal and turning on the grinder is the quickest way to break it. Here’s the proper way to use a disposal: first, scrape food debris left on plates into the trash can before rinsing the dish. Never put the following down the disposal: fruit and vegetable peels, fruit pits, bones, meat/fat/skin, coffee grounds, oil, grease, napkins, etc.

Sprinkler problems

Sprinkler systems get a lot of use during the hot summer months—without your sprinklers, grass is quick to brown and plants may wilt. Make sure the heads are clean and inspect the system now and throughout the season. Check that all sprinkler heads are lowered to avoid damaging them when mowing your lawn.

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