Seven Things That Should Never Be Put Down the Drain

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We’ve all been guilty of pouring leftovers down the sink and turning on the garbage disposal instead of scraping them into the trash. After all, it’s just food—it can’t do much harm, right? Unfortunately, throwing kitchen scraps down the drain can actually seriously harm your pipes and garbage disposal. Regularly abusing the drain, pipes and garbage disposal could come back to haunt you with foul smells and slow draining times. All of the grease and grime can severely clog the drain, leaving you with no choice but to call the plumber in Fremont, NE.

Keep your drain clean and clear by keeping the following items out of the drain:

  • Cooking oil and grease: Resist the urge to just throw that sizzling bacon grease down the drain in the rush to sit down for breakfast more quickly. Oil-based products like bacon fact, cooking oils, mayonnaise and butter can mix with the moisture inside of the pipes and solidify in the plumbing system. Over time, the buildup will create an annoying clog.
  • Bones: Food bones are never safe to dispose of down the sink. Poultry, beef, lamb and pork bones are too dense for the garbage disposal to crush them into small enough bits to disappear down the pipes. Fish bones are small and delicate enough to break down more easily, but it’s better to err on the side of caution and relegate them to the trash can anyway.
  • Coffee grounds: Save your coffee grounds for fertilizing a garden instead of throwing them down the drain. The coffee grounds will clump together and inevitably block the pipes, leaving you with no choice but to call the plumber in Fremont, NE.
  • Eggshells: The membrane found in eggshells can create a natural adhesive that causes the tiny shell bits to cling to the blades of the garbage disposal. The coating will eventually cause the blades to be dull and useless. Instead, toss those eggshells in the garbage or add them to the compost pile.
  • Medication: Many people wonder how to safely dispose of old and unwanted or unneeded medication. Down the kitchen sink is certainly not the right answer! Pills of all types and sizes can cause extreme damage to the environment and even threaten animals. Some could even contaminate your drinking water. Try taking the medication to your local pharmacy for disposal instead.
  • Cleaning products: Many cleaning products are specifically designed to be environmentally friendly. But some products still aren’t safe enough to go down the drain. Pouring a combination of bleach mixed with ammonia, vinegar and rubbing alcohol could fill the kitchen with toxic gas if poured down the drain at the same time. The solution will then create a clog within the pipe. Other combinations can have a similar effect.
  • Flour: Making a cake is always a gloopy mess. Now, imagine that mixture inside of the drain. The thick batter could block water from flowing down the drain normally. Try to clean the batter from the bowl as quickly as possible before rinsing it out next time you whip up a couple dozen cookies.

At Wiese Plumbing & Excavating, Inc., we understand that accidents do happen, and sometimes you just have to call a plumber in Fremont, NE for help. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our plumbing services!

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