Everything You Need to Know About Winterizing Pipes

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Believe it or not, winter is just around the corner. Before you know it, snow will be on the ground and the temperatures outside will be freezing cold. That doesn’t just mean you need to bundle up—it means that you need to prep your house for the cold temperatures. One of the main ways to prepare your home is to winterize your pipes. Below, your plumbing contractors in Fremont, NE will teach you everything you need to know about getting your pipes ready for the coming months.

How to winterize

Winterizing your pipes is the only way to ensure that they don’t freeze and subsequently burst on those frigid winter nights. The best part? All of these steps below can typically be completed without the help of a professional, and in hardly any time at all:

  • Insulate: Your insulation keeps your home nice and toasty throughout the winter by trapping heat inside and preventing cold air from penetrating your walls. That insulation also helps ensure that your pipes don’t get too cold and freeze. We’ve seen many cases in which pipes located in poorly insulated crawlspaces get too cold and freeze over. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you by insulating your crawlspace today.
  • Close the garage door: Along with crawlspaces, garages are typically among the most under-insulated areas of homes. That means that any pipes in your garage are vulnerable to freezing. One of the best and easiest ways to ensure that these pipes stay warm throughout the winter is to just keep your garage door closed at all times.
  • Open cabinets: Any bathrooms with pipes along an exterior wall are also vulnerable at this time of year. You can prevent frozen bathroom pipes by simply opening up your bathroom cabinets each evening. Warm air from your home will help to offset any cold air coming in from the exterior walls.
  • Circulate air: Going along with the point above, if you’re expecting a particularly cold night or day, you may want to consider placing a small fan or even a space heater near your open cabinets to help circulate warm air near those pipes. It takes just a minute to set up, and can be a real lifesaver when it comes to avoiding frozen pipes!
  • Keep the heat on: You may be tempted to turn the heat down or even all the way off if you’re going away for a winter vacation. Don’t do it! Never turn your thermostat below 55 degrees to help ensure your pipes don’t freeze up this winter.
  • Disconnect hoses: Winterizing your pipes isn’t just an indoor activity. Now is the time of year to disconnect all of your hoses from the exterior faucets. Leaving hoses on the faucets all winter long could lead to freezing and costly repairs.

It’s unfortunate, but even winterized pipes can freeze sometimes. In those situations, be sure to call our plumbing contractors in Fremont, NE at Wiese Plumbing & Excavating, Inc. as soon as possible. We’ll come out to your home as soon as we can to remedy the problem and ensure your life carries on as normal.

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