The Root of the Problem: What You Need to Know About Trees and Sewer Lines

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Planting trees in your yard is one of the best ways to beautify your property, provide shade and create a nice outdoor space for the family to hang out. The only downside to those trees is that their roots can get quite aggressive as the tree grows, and they can even penetrate your sewer line when they’re searching for water and nutrients.

Ways to avoid root problems

Needless to say, a ruptured sewer line is one of the last things you want to deal with as a homeowner—especially if the culprit is one of your beautiful trees. The good news is that avoiding sewer line issues is easier than you might think. Follow these steps from an experienced plumber in Fremont, NE, and rest easy knowing that you won’t have any sewer line issues in the near future:

  • Know where your sewer line is: The first step before putting a shovel in your ground is to dial 8-1-1, the national “Call Before You Dig” number. This quick phone call won’t just tell you where your sewer line is, but will also let you know where all of your underground utility lines are located. In addition to increasing the odds that you plant your tree too close to your sewer line, skipping this step could lead to disasters like splitting your cable line or cutting off electricity to your home.
  • Measure distances: Now that you know where your sewer line is located, it’s time to break out your shovel and start digging! Experts recommend planting trees and large shrubs at least 20 to 30 feet away from your sewer line and the foundation of your home to ensure that the plants’ roots don’t interfere with any of your plumbing.
  • Properly water and fertilize: As you know, you can’t just stick your tree in the ground and expect it to flourish—you need to care for it. This means doing things like watering on a regular basis and giving the tree the right amount of fertilizer. Your tree’s roots will search for water and nutrients one way or another, and it might find just what it needs in your sewer line.
  • Think before you plant: If you think you can just choose any type of tree to plant in your yard, think again! Trees like willows, maples, elms and poplars are notorious for infiltrating sewer lines and wreaking havoc on plumbing and sewer systems. We recommend talking to an arborist before planting to get an expert’s opinion on the best type of tree for your lawn.
  • Maintain your sewer system: Your sewer line is a great source of water and nutrients for your tree. If your pipe bursts, you can count on your tree’s roots to head right towards all of that gushing water and “fertilizer”! Call a plumber and have your sewer line inspected and maintained to guarantee that it won’t suddenly rupture any time soon.

Whether your sewer line broke due to a tree root, lack of proper maintenance or some other sort of calamity, be sure to call Wiese Plumbing & Excavating Inc. for help. We’ll send a plumber in Fremont, NE out right away to fix the issue. The longer you wait, the worse the problem will get, and the more expensive those repairs will be.

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