Excavation Services in Fremont, NE

septic pipingBefore it comes into your home through the basement or foundation, your plumbing is run underground to your property. As a result, access to plumbing outside can be difficult without the help of an excavation company in Fremont, NE. At Wiese Plumbing & Excavating, Inc., our dual focus on excavation and plumbing helps us get to your buried plumbing quickly, saving you the time, hassle and cost of dealing with multiple contractors.

With decades of experience behind them, our excavating contractors in Fremont, NE know exactly how to approach work with underground plumbing. We excavate with precision and safety, making sure not to cause more damage as we get to work unearthing your lines.

We have extensive experience with all types of jobs, including:

  • Water mains:
    Damaged or burst mains will leave your plumbing system compromised. Moreover, issues with corrosion or lead can compromise your water supply. We fix these issues fast by digging directly to the main, replacing any compromised piping.
  • Boring:
    Using trenchless digging techniques, we’re able to bore underground channels for new water and sewer line installations. This quick, efficient method is also less invasive than traditional trenching.
  • Gutter holes:
    To ensure proper drainage or irrigation on your property, rely on us for guttering holes and other water diversion excavation. We bore with precision and take the time to ensure proper excavation to prevent oversaturation of the land.
  • Sewer lines:
    One of our most common jobs, excavation and trenching for sewer line installation and repair is a specialty of ours. We’re fully equipped for this degree of plumbing excavation in Fremont, NE and work with quickness to lay or repair lines.
  • Sanitary line piping:
    Compromised sanitary lines bode troublesome for your property and can eventually lead to bursts or failures. We trench these lines in properly or dig down to repair them when they’re damaged to prevent and resolve issues.
  • Gas piping:
    In addition to sewer utility lines, we also provide gas piping as well. Our familiarity with gas piping makes us a natural solution to your need for new or replacement lines.
If you have questions about our excavation capabilities or need to get a quote on an upcoming project that requires boring, trenching or other general excavation, contact us today at 402-721-6908.