Septic Installation & Repair in Fremont, NE

flatbed truckYour septic system is the last thing you want trouble with. When it comes to installation or nipping developing problems in the bud, put your trust in Wiese Plumbing & Excavating, Inc. We tackle all plumbing-related septic services, including sewage line repair, as well as septic installation in Fremont, NE.

Tanks and Leach Fields

The septic tank itself and corresponding effluent leach field are delicate installations. When problems develop—such as leach field flooding or back-flowing effluent—excavation and line repairs are needed. Our crew has experience in servicing all facets of your system and we’re widely trusted as one of the best septic repair companies in Fremont, NE.

Allow us to provide your septic system with everything it needs to function perfectly. From video line inspections to locate problems near the tank, to excavation and repairs for leach fields, we’re not afraid to get to the bottom of your recent septic troubles!

System Installation

Thanks to our equipment and familiarity with excavation work, we’re the go-to experts for a complete septic system installation in Fremont, NE. Our team will help determine the right tank capacity for your property, as well as a sound configuration for leach lines. Then, we get to work excavating and installing, making sure all lines, hookups and systems are properly tended.

Backflow Prevention

Backflow is a major concern for homeowner with older plumbing systems or aged septic tanks. Our team remedies this caustic problem by pinpointing opportunities for backflow and installing preventer systems that keep wastewater and effluent out of your home. If you’re experiencing backflow, waste no time in talking to us about preventive solutions.


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Remember, we offer free quotes on all of our septic services, which means you’ll be able to get peace of mind just talking to us about your problem! Contact the Wiese Plumbing & Excavating, Inc. team today at 402-721-6908 for information about our septic capabilities.

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