Water Heater Services in Fremont, NE

water heaterHot water is one of the most underrated conveniences in your home. Stepping into a warm shower or washing your hands with warm water is refreshing and soothing—and it’s only made possible by your hot water heater.

If you’re not getting hot water on-demand or your hot water runs out quickly, it’s important to give Wiese Plumbing & Excavating, Inc. a call. We’ll gladly inspect and service your water heater installation in Fremont, NE to ensure it’s working properly to deliver convenient hot water to you.

Our services cover everything having to do with your water heater, including

  • Repair:
    Problems with your tank’s pilot light or water supply lines can breed problems for your hot water demands. We’ll quickly assess your tank and provide repairs and water heater service in Fremont, NE to restore function. Our repairs could save you the cost of buying a completely new tank!
  • Replacement:
    If your tank is more than a decade old, the time has likely come to think about replacing it. Not only can we provide you with insights into the right replacement tank size, we’re also your all-in-one water heater installation company in Fremont, NE. Count on us to remove the old heater and facilitate the complete hookup and testing of your new model.
  • Maintenance:
    When’s the last time you had the anode rod in your tank changed? What’s the sediment level in your tank at? We’ll put your tank through the full scope of essential maintenance, to help restore its function and efficiency. Not only will proper maintenance increase tank performance, it’ll also help it last longer than it might otherwise!
  • Tankless:
    Tankless hot water heaters are modern innovations that are highly efficient and supremely reliable. These installations provide hot water on-demand—as much as you need and for any purpose. They can also be more energy efficient, lowering your energy bills each month! Talk to one of our water heater experts about how you might leverage a tankless heater in your home.

You might not pay much attention to your water heater until it stops provided you with the hot water you need. If and when problems arise or you recognize the need for maintenance, contact Wiese Plumbing & Excavating, Inc. right away at 402-721-6908. We’ll make sure your heater gets all the attention it deserves.