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What to Do if Tree Roots Plug Up Sewer Lines

February 28, 2018 Published by Leave your thoughts

As trees grow and their roots expand, they can occasionally interfere with underground utilities, such as sewer lines. If you are having problems in your area with tree roots plugging up sewer lines, there are several steps you can take, most of which should be left up to a professional plumber. Here are some tips from a plumber in Fremont, NE about the steps you can take if you have issues with tree roots in your sewer lines. Addressing the issue This is an issue most commonly experienced by people who live in rural areas with heavily wooded lots. As... View Article

Why You Must Disconnect Faucets and Hydrants in Winter: Information from a Plumber in Fremont, NE

February 2, 2018 Published by Leave your thoughts

If you are a homeowner, you almost certainly have at least one outdoor faucet or water fixture of some sort. It is extremely important to remember to shut off the water to these outdoor faucets at the end of each season and completely drain the fixture before your area experiences a freeze. Consider this—water expands when it freezes, and can occupy up to 10 percent more space than the same amount of liquid water. Now consider your pipes. The pipe is already full when water is in its liquid state, so if that water freezes and expands, the lack of... View Article